Fera is designed to be pedaled with a gravel bike.

A gravel bike to escape specialization, as a travel and adventure bike, which allows you to progress on all types of terrain.

In any case and as is obvious, it can be done with any type of bike that is considered convenient.

To create the route we used a steel gravel bike with mixed tires, and a 50/34 chainring and 11/36 cassette ratio. Always carrying little weight.

Based on this experience, we advise:

  • A chainring and cassette ratio closer to the mountain bike. It can make pedaling easier on long climbs, especially if you do the route with weight.

  • Stiffer frame and fork materials on the bike can cause greater demands on long descents.

  • We recommend mixed tires, although it would be possible to do it with any type.

We advise a thorough check of the bike before starting the route. The requirement of the route also affects the material. The brakes must be in optimal condition to face the long descents.


  • Lights and reflective elements: FERA takes place on roads and tracks used by other vehicles, it is necessary to take all the necessary safety measures to make us visible.

It is mandatory to use a light (front and rear) and a reflective vest to cross the Vielha Tunnel.

  • Warm clothes: FERA travels through high mountain areas where the weather is changeable and can be very adverse at any time of the year. We recommend raincoat and warm clothes.

  • Repair gear: Many sections of the route are far from service centers and workshops. We recommend bringing the basic repair material.


FERA is demanding. We recommend keeping your luggage to a minimum during the crossing. Due to this we propose a service for transporting gear between accommodations (see Agency)